The philosophy of the Big Fish Academy is based on 5 values. They help to create an atmosphere and content in a way that children want to come back to us again and again.


We teach children to change the world, starting with themselves

From the very beginning until today, the Big Fish Academy directs its activity to achieve the big goals:

  • Be yourself and respect others

    Be yourself and respect others

    Self-expression is one of the key principles of the Big Fish Academy. We are happy with any personality - from colored hair to eating raw food and collecting dew drops. We are different and this is our strength!

  • English is like air

    English is like air

    Native speakers help children to know English during competitions of medieval knights or cooking apple pie. English here, there, and everywhere!

  • Have Fun!

    Have Fun!

    The path to a kid’s heart is through… game and laughter! We put a sense of humor into every moment. The director meets children riding a unicorn and conducts a Guinness World Record competition. 

  • We are support and motivation

    We are support and motivation

    We know that children strive to gain knowledge only when they see successful adults in front of them, whose example they would like to follow. This is how we treat every camper.

We follow the life-long-learning concept. It is the rules of relentless study of yourself and the world.

“Not a day without an exploration! The way is the reward!” - chant experienced campers at the start of the session. Children have many tools to do this.

The best alternative to the camps abroad

Our mission is to raise the generation of children who are creators of their lives, fans of life-long-learning who are ready to be responsible for their lives and who are ready to change the world, starting with themselves

The best alternative to the camps abroad
Big Fish is the first English-speaking camp in Ukraine, which are the members of the US Camp Association and International Camp Society
We train the Big Fish Academy team using the latest methods
In our camps we use only the latest innovations and developments in the field of children’s recreation and education

Про Big Fish Academy в цифрах

13 years

the Big Fish Academy works on the territory of Ukraine

95% of parents

recommend Big Fish Academy to their friends and colleagues

15000+ children

visited our camp

30900+ English lessons

conducted our teachers (about 3,5 years of non-stop English)

68% of campers

enter universities and colleges abroad

99% of campers

want to return to the Big Fish Academy again

Самий англійський простір в Україні

We study English using CLIL technology

This technology includes learning the language not only during English classes, but also use it as a means of learning about the world. Campers speak English all day long while doing project work, evening activities, playing soccer, swimming in the pool or exercising

  • CLIL Technology
  • Campers speak English all day long

Native speakers from different countries

Versatile and bright native-speakers from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia and other countries work at the DEC Camp. They don’t just work with kids, but they quickly become friends and mentors for the campers. Interesting personalities, biographies, hobbies, achievements, travels - communicating with them children fall in love with English. 

  • Native-speakers
  • from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia and other countries

English as a lifestyle

Due to the fact that children regularly communicate in English, they destroy the psychological barrier and start to progress quickly in the languages they learn. Parents of campers often say that their child has made more progress in a week than in a year of learning English at school.


  • Destroy the psychological barrier
  •  Start to progress quickly in the languages they learn

Big Fish Academy - comfort and safety

Children live independently, but always under the treatment

Big Fish camps are located in picturesque, green and child-friendly locations. Children live in rooms sorted by age and gender. There are always counselors with the children who children can always turn to

The territory of the camp is secured 24/7

The territory of all camps is closed and under 24-hour security. Smoke detectors are installed in all premises, video surveillance is conducted on the territory. Children do not leave the camp alone

There is always a medical staff and a psychologist in the camp

There is always a doctor on the territory of all camps, who has more than 300 medicines in the first-aid kit. Furthermore, there is a psychologist in the camp, to whom children can turn for support, motivation, and help in solving various problems

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