Big Fish Academy's mission is to bring up the generation of youth -creators of their own life, fans of life-long learning, who are ready to make this world a better place by starting from themselves. All our programmes intend to give campers a feeling and understanding of their personality, thoughts and actions. Show them with the help of little examples of camp life that they can already become Change Makers and create, transform and bring prosperity into this world. And we don’t need to wait for the moment they finish school, university and get a few years' experience at work. Changes start here, now and from each of us.

Online '23: Career choices course

  • Online
  • Для дітей 12+
Курс з профорієнтації для підлітків «Вибір професії та дизайн мого життя»
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Online `23 Career choices individually

  • Online
  • Для підлітків 12+
Профорієнтація допомагає підлітку уважно спостерігати за собою, досліджувати спосіб життя інших людей, навчитись робити «примірку» того, що відгукується, в що ні, і складати такі «перлини» у скарбничку. Тому що якщо він або вона самостійно не складе свою ідеальну картинку, то за нього/неї це зробить хтось інший. І тоді питання – хто автор мого життя.
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Ukraine '23: English

  • Carpathians, Migovo
  • For kids of 8-17 y.o.
Our home summer location lies in between the picturesque Carpathians. Here kids learn English, create socially important projects and also dive into a variety of sports, excursions and activities.
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Ukraine '23: Activity

  • с. Мигово, Чернівецька область
  • Для дітей 7-17 років
Activity drive - програма для найенергійніших дітей. Протягом двох тижнів на кемперів очікує калейдоскоп активних розваг на свіжому повітрі: походи в гори та ночівлі з наметами, рухливі ігри та спорт, майстер-класи та воркшопи, а також англійська 1,5 години на день.
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UK '23: British holiday

  • One week in London, one week in Cheltenham
  • For children and teenagers from 10 to 17 years old
An innovative programme that combines language courses and traditional camp entertainment. Children will spend one week in London, 15 minutes from the city centre. The second week is in Cheltenham at the most prestigious private school in England. During the entire session, campers will study English with native speakers and work on projects that help them prepare for enrolling a European or American university.
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Spain '23: Traveling camp

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • For children 10-17 years old
Do you know what Stendhal syndrome is? It's is when the beauty overwhelms so much that the head spins. That is exactly what Camp Mom Iryna felt on her first visit to Barcelona when many years ago she stepped on a mosaic painted by Juan Miro with his own hands. After that, in 2017-18, we held camps here, and every year we dreamed of returning with new programmes. Today dreams come true and we want to show Barsa to the children through the eyes of Big Fish camp as soon as possible.
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Turkey'22: International

  • Bursa, Türkiye
  • For children 9-17 years old
This year, we are expanding our geography and holding a camp 15 km from the ancient city of Bursa. Amid incredible natural beauty, children will be able to "exhale", meet their friends and favourite counsellors, brush up on their English.
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Cyprus '22: International

  • Paralimni, Cyprus
  • For children 9-17 years old
Natural beauty and ancient architecture, turquoise sea and Blue Flag beaches, immersion in an international environment - all this awaits children at the camp in Cyprus.
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