Big Fish Academy

English camp in the Carpathians

  • For kids of 8-17 y.o.
  • Carpathians, Migovo
  • The next session is July 2023
  • Our Camp has been successfully working in Ukraine for 13 years
  • More than 8000 of children have visited Big Fish
  • 68% of children entered to the foreing colleges and universities after the Big Fish Academy

We teach children to change the world, starting with themselves

The main goal of all camp activities is the development of skills needed in real life:

  • independence - the child lives without parents, but under the supervision of sensitive counselors and teachers
  • consciousness in every matter: study, rest, creating one's own happiness
  • teamwork is an important skill for successful study and work in the 21st century
  • proactivity and responsibility for one's own actions
  • understanding one's role and the role of others in a common business and in personal life

Camp programme

English lessons
English lessons

3 lessons per day – 3 learning formats

Уроки англійської проходять щодня, тривають три години і поділяються на три формати:

English as a second language (ESL). These are traditional reading, listening, speaking and writing combined with up-to-date articles, vlogs/blogs and podcasts.

Project-based learning. Kids build a camp model in miniature or an escape room, develop presidential election campaigns, and present theatrical performances.

Every day we train campers how to speak out, persuade and fantasize about different topics with the help of variable formats: debates, open speeches and open-air stand-ups.

Projects for kids of 12-17 years old

STEM – science, engineering, mathematics

  • ‘Happiness measurer’ phone app creation.
  • Catapult – building a throwing machine for colours at Holy Fest or water balloons for Water Fight.


  • Song Production. All stages of production and realisation of a song – from melody composing to concert organisation.
  • Ukrainian folklore – research of myths and legends of Bukovyna region, designing and creating masks of mythical creatures, and finally performing these legends on stage


  • ‘Different but Equal’ – researching what diversity and equity are in society, developing an ‘Inequality detected’ chatbot, which helps to detect inequality and harassment around a bot user. 
  • ‘Camp ecology’. This social project aims at working out an algorism of developing a better camp community communication and vibe around us


  • Real Life sized board game creation.
  • Event and entertainment institutions management for the whole camp
Projects for 7-12 years old kids
Projects for 7-12 years old kids

Projects for 7-12 years old kids


Youngers kids will not get bored or lose focus during 2 long weeks of project work because we’ve developed a new format – Projects in action. These are mini-projects and master-classes, which last for 1-2 days. Kids try out various project directions and quickly see the outcomes of their work.

Examples of projects in action:

  • Ceramics
  • Business
  • Robotics and 3d printing
  • Teambuilding
  • Camping, triathlon, dodgeball
  • Kabbadi – new favourite kind of team sport

Hobbies, sports and trips

Every day campers can try out different hobbies of their choice. We offer at minimum 10 different options: ceramics, music, dancing, beading, felting, board games, leadership, psychology, photography, theatre, filmmaking, mountain hiking, survival in the nature, and even sign language. And, of course, including daily open-air sports and games hour.


In the middle of the session, there is the most awaited day in the camp – Excursion Day. Depending on the weather conditions, campers choose one of the options: mountain hiking, paintball, rafting, mountain climbing, national part excursion, a walk to the waterfall, or zip line

* Rafting is additionally paid

Camp Team


10 certified native-speaker teachers per camp session

All our teachers have more than 4 years of work with children. All of them are certified to teach English to foreign children and teenagers, or are teachers in schools in the UK and the USA


20 counselors, 10 of whom are native speakers

Big Fish Academy counselors are cheerful and easy-going youth who are able to create an atmosphere of trust and establish a special relationship with children


Medical staff and 2 psychologists

24/7 medical support in the camp. 2 psychologists are always on duty in Big Fish Academy, whom children can address at any time


Administrative staff

More than 35 specialists: administrators, cooks, waiters, representatives of security services and many others work in the camp and ensure the comfort and safety of children

We reveal

the potential of everyone

At Big Fish we emphasize on the revealing of inner motivation for learning and self-discovery. Children choose their favorite activity from 12 hobby options - art, music, drama, choreography and even sign language! Children can also enjoy more than 30 different sports and active games. 

At the end of the session at Big Fish, parents will receive a detailed report on the child's performance at English classes and psychological development during the session. You will be able to clearly see how your child has developed, what has achieved and what competencies has mastered.

See the schedule of the day


At Big Fish Academy, children eat delicious and diverse food. The menu always includes

  • first courses
  • meat dishes
  • dairy products
  • seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • fresh baking
  • a large selection of drinks
  • natural Carpathian honey
  • fresh berries, Carpathian tea from the collection of the most useful herbs
  • dishes of the peoples of the world
  • Bukovyna culinary highlights

Special Menu for Children

  • Diet №5

  • Vegetarian ration

  • Gluten-free diet, avoiding allergenic products and other doctor recommended diets

See a day menu

Parents` and Kids` experience in Camp

father of Ania (19 y.o.) and Maryana (12 y.o.)
Vania's mother (9 y.o.)
Mother of Dima (13 y.o.)
Interview DEC Unilab

English Camp


  1. Forest
    picturesque nature of the Carpathian mountains
  2. Air
    ecologically clean zone
  3. Wooden
    3-storey chalets
  4. Rooms
    next to the counselors
  5. Regular
    room cleaning
  6. Stage
    for the concerts and events
  7. Volleyball
    and basketball courts
  8. Football
    pitch and roller drome
  9. Pool, recreation area with deckchairs
    recreation area with deckchairs
Program price includes
  • Accommodation for 5 people and 5 meals a day
  • 30 hours of English classes with native speakers
  • 15 hours of hobby activities of various directions (12 options to choose from)
  • 20 hours of project work in the chosen area
  • 24/7 support of counselors, medical staff, psychologists, security
  • Transfer from Kyiv and Odesa (train and bus)
  • Individual feedback from a psychologist about the child
  • All materials for the camp program

Do you want your child to:

  • Not simply improve your child’s English level but get carried away with the desire to learn it up to the perfection;
  • Try themselves in one of the professions of the future;
  • Develop teamwork, creativity, leadership, and communication skills;
  • Participate in creating a real project;
  • Spend 2 wonderful weeks surrounded by friends in the picturesque Carpathians;
  • Become braver, more independent, determined, self-confident?

Choose the camp and book a session at Big Fish Academy. Your child will be thankful to you!

Session Price
38 000 UAH
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