Big Fish Academy


  • For children and teenagers from 10 to 17 years old
  • Online
  • December 2022
  • Uniting young Ukrainians and foreigners
  • Giving a feeling of belonging to a big Ukrainian and international community
  • Teaching how to help others and monetize your skills
Uniting kids and teenagers from all over the world


In communication with children, who took part in our programs, we understood that they strive to help Ukraine and Ukrainian Armed Forces but they don't know how to do it in the right way. Volunteering, donating or rallies on the central squares of European cities are not always suitable for adults, so we can’t teach children such things.

But we found a way how children can contribute to the victory of our country wherever they are. Community is a place where teenagers who left their cities, unite together online and create useful projects for Ukrainian soldiers or for those in need.

Why is it Important?

Monetization of own skills
Monetization of own skills

Children learn to develop their project and seek for opportunities to earn money with the help of their skills

Argument for admission to a foreign university
Argument for admission to a foreign university

Experience in such projects is a great argument for admission in European, the US and Canadian universities

A sense of belonging and stability
A sense of belonging and stability

It is important nowadays in such a hard situation for children to communicate with like-minded people. It gives a sense of stability and its own roots, even far from their homes. 

How we work

The most effective way to teach someone is to give them the opportunity to do it by themselves. So we realize our aspirations through project work.

It is the project format that gives an opportunity to solve real problems of our time. Every child, moving at their own pace, has the possibility to self-improve, to build logical chains of "What I already know - how it will help me in the project", as well as to gain new knowledge for the realization of a common plan.

Trainers and Mentors

Liza Tkachenko

Program Director of DEC Camp and Big Fish. She knows how to prepare any event and she can set the world on fire. Speaker of the International Camping Fellowship conference. Knows everything about creating comfortable conditions for the healthy development of kids and teenagers.

Svit Lykholit

Program developer in DEC Camp and Big Fish Academy. As a tireless multitasking ninja, she knows how to keep a child focused, support and carefully guide a kid. In her free time from the camp, Svit teaches people English, draws beautiful pictures and travel sketches.

Children’s reviews

Yefrem and Artem
Sonia, Dasha and Kapitalina
Milena and Vika
Work Format
  • 8 hours a month we have online meetings with the team and mentors: brainstorms, ideas discussions, planning, mutual work on creating own product
  • General lectures and online-speeches from our guests that will be useful for every member of Community: inspiring and instructive stories about the creation of charity projects, such as UNITED24 and Help Ukraine NFT
  • Venue: special online platform where members can download and save all data, communicate, follow their progress and manage their tasks
  • Flexible schedule. We strive to teach children to manage their lives by themselves. So, they can discuss and choose the suitable meeting time for all the team

* Since it will be difficult for a child who wants to join the project to fit into the general rhythm after the project had already started, the new course will start when the group of 15-20 children is formed.

Terms and Price

  • Age: 10-17 
  • 8 hours of program a month
  • Online lectures and meetings with famous Ukrainians
  • Educational materials 
  • Mentorship and support between general team meetings

9-month membership 
price is - 12 000 UAH

Quarter price is
4 500 UAH
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