Big Fish Academy

International Summer camp

  • For children 9-17 years old
  • Bursa, Türkiye
  • The next session July 17, 2022
  • A cultural and active program from reliable Big Fish partners and the leaders of the Turkish educational market - the UP company
  • English in action - English learning with native speakers from all over the world
  • Meeting peers from different countries, leadership and communication training from favorite DEC camp counselors

International Summer camp in Turkey

Camp in Bursa, Türkiye - a real mix of useful and fun activities. Children will immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and meet peers from all over the world, learn English with native speakers, see incredible Istanbul and the real oriental sights during tours  in Bursa and its surroundings.

Camp Program

English without cramming
English without cramming

We do not exhaust children with a difficult and intensive curriculum. We have more effective ways to make campers fall in love with the language. We call it the English in action concept. It is an immersion in a multicultural environment and usage of English to solve specific tasks here and now.

  • 20 English lessons during the session
  • Communication with campers from all over the world
  • Certified native-speaker teachers from all over the world
  • Classes created in accordance with age and level of language proficiency
  • Up to 15 children in a group
Lectures and workshops
Lectures and workshops
  • Leadership and communication lectures from DEC Camp counselors
  • Elements of work with post-traumatic stress syndrome with our counselors*
  • Robotics and launch of construction drones
  • Hiking
  • Constructing and launching kites

*All DEC Camp counselors pass two special training programs. One of them is aimed at work with post-traumatic stress syndrome during the war. The other one is aimed at work with refugees and displaced people. 

  • Attending the most interesting museums and cultural monuments in Bursa. 
  • 3 days in Istanbul
  • Visit to the zoo
  • Horseback ridings
  • 2 visits to the aquapark per camp session
  • Swimming in the Sea of Marmara

Children will have an intensive tour in Istanbul after their arrival. But in the evening they will go to the hotel in residential area of Bursa.

The second trip to the biggest city of Türkiye is planned on the last two days of the camp session and includes an overnight stay in Istanbul. 

Evening activities
Evening activities
  • Welcome party
  • The cinema night
  • Guitar songs by the fire with roasted marshmallows, which are the favorite camp treat
  • Dancing
  • Musical instruments
  • Karaoke night
  • Quizzes and board games
  • Talent show

Харчування в таборі


The menu is developed in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists, using fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as white and red meat. 

Camp provides 5 meals a day. We do our best to provide healthy nutrition..

There are also different kinds of special menu. We can offer vegan and vegetarian cuisine, a gluten-free diet or we can omit allergenic products*.

* The special menu price is $35 per week


Boutique hotel Oksijen Zone, Bursa

  1. Two and three-bed
  2. Separate bathroom
    and toilet in every room
  3. All you need
    for personal care - soap, shampoo, hair dryer etc
  4. Comfortable
    single beds

Program price includes:

  • 20 English lessons in a group of 15 children max.
  • 2 trips to Istanbul and tours in Bursa
  • Counselors support at every stage of the Turkish trip
  • Transfer from and to Istanbul or Sabiha Gokcen Airport
  • Photo and video diary of the trip
  • Elements of work with post-traumatic syndrome with DEC Camp counselors
  • Two and three-bed accommodation in a luxury hotel
  • 5 meals a day
  • Medical insurance and hospital near the hotel
Session Price
EUR 1300
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