Campers Achievements

Annually our campers create more than 40 projects, aimed at solving actual problems and with benefit for themselves, country or even the entire world. Children develop the concept on their own and implement the project almost without the help of adults.

In Big Fish Camps children

not only work on the projects, but also gain important vital skills. We asked campers about the changes in their lives after the Big Fish Academy:

68% of campers

noted a significant increase in independence

73% of children

began appreciate their relatives more and cooperate better as a team

79% of children

said that their self-esteem increased

Children try to save the disappearing cultural heritage of the Bukovyna region

The way they live, the things inspiring them, their activities in their free time, the stories and the memories about their native land. The children gathered all this information from local residents of Myhove under the guidance of the main inspiratior - art curator Nataliya Hyrba.

  • is to tell everyone about the lives of Myhove residents and make the world more aware of the problems faced by Myhove and similar areas
  • The aim of the project

Children care about the ecology

7% of the territory of Ukraine, an area equal to the area of Denmark, is covered by garbage. Only 4.5% of all waste is recycled, while in Sweden this number is 99%. To reduce the level of pollution, the campers developed a prototype of an interactive garbage can that works on solar batteries.

  • Sorting machine can talk
  • He tells how to sort the garbage and thanks for every banana peel that fell as intended

Children created a business idea for the residents of the Myhove resort

Prykarpattia is a region rich in natural resources, but the majority of residents survive here only at the expense of the winter months, when Myhove turns into a ski resort.

The children created a business idea for local residents that could help them make money all year long - Clap-Snap branded soap. For this, the campers used a soap base, aroma oils and herbs, which they collected and dried with their own hands.

  • Created packing and advertisement,
  • held a presentation of the finished product to the village administration led by the mayor. After that, all the lots of goods were sold out for "decs" (camp currency) like hotcakes.
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