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The Big Fish Academy constantly grows and develops that means that we are always looking for talented and open-minded people

Big Fish Academy is a unique place where:

  1. We treat each other as a family and value gender sensitivity
  2. Everyone can feel free to be themselves — extravagant accessories, all types of yoga practices and any hair color are welcome
  3. We learn to accept the multifacetedness of this world — our team includes people from 15 countries
  4. Everyone, adults and children, are followers of life-long learning; our motto is not a day without a discovery!
  • And, of course, everything in English
  • How does it all sound to you?

Викладачі – native speakers

Цікаві та багатогранні особистості, які знають кілька мов, подорожують по всьому світу та мають досвід викладацької роботи в різних країнах.

  1. Have a degree
  2. They are qualified to teach English to foreign children and teenagers
  3. Have more than 3 year experience in teaching
  4. Have experience in working in kids’ camps in different countries
  • Команда міжнародних англомовних викладачів
40% of counselors are foreigners

In order to work for us counselors:

  • Provide relevant certificates of experience in work with children - non-native speakers of the English language;

  • Confirm qualification and accreditation from international camp organizations;

  • Pass several stages of interviews with the director and program director of the camp;

  • They provide recommendations from previous places of work

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Counselor Academy PRO Camp

Big Fish Academy is the organizer of the annual Academy of Counselors. We teach future counselors as well as those who already have such experience but want to improve their skills.

The main curriculum provides online classes with a lot of lectures, training and homework.

During the course, we work with different counseling topics together with Big Fish Academy program managers and psychologists - everyday children treatment, methodical implementation of various activities, psychological moments, teamwork, age peculiarities of children, safety and the basics of first aid, the specifics of the functioning of our camp etc.

Successful completion of the academy is a mandatory requirement for Ukrainian counselors. Furthermore, they:
  1. Have experience in working with children, as well as recommendations from previous employers
  2. Have at least Intermediate level of English
  3. Over 18 years old

The duration of the Counselors Academy course is 3-4 months, from the end of winter till June

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Junior School

Our greatest pride is the campers who return to Big Fish Academy as counselors. And to increase the number of such people, we created the School of Juniors!

Juniors, or junior counselors -
ambassadors of Big Fish Academy values.

They are the campers who have been to camp at least once, are at least 14 years old, and want to try themselves in a more responsible role.

They are also required to pass the Counselor Academy course, but when they return, they continue to live as campers but also help the counselors at the same time. They assist the staff during projects, master classes, lessons and take care of the younger unit, to which they can be attached. For us, they are small rays of the great camp sun.

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  • uniors are experienced campers older than 14 years old
  • To be a junior is a pleasant, effective and gradual experience of adult life for teenagers
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